On the telly

This Summer you can see Simon on BBC One's 'A Taste of Britain' with chef Brian Turner and broadcaster Janet Street-porter. The BBC approached Simon at the beginning of the year as they were interested in finding a producer of Guinea Fowl to feature on the show. Most of the UK's Guinea Fowl are imported from France so they were keen to sample some of our British reared birds. Morph, a prize specimen of a Jack Russell and a key player on the farm's staff, also featured in several of the shots and is very pleased he's gaining national recognition on television. You can view the programme on you tube by following this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbWiWJP1V6o

In 2008 Heston Blumenthal chose Clerkes Geese as the finest tasting free-range geese in the country, in a blind taste test. Our goose featured as the main course in Heston’s Christmas feast in his BBC One Christmas special. Heston spent time on the farm, with Simon and the geese, and prepared a special diet for a select few to be fed on, in an experiment to see if he could flavour the meat. Five geese were fed on a diet essence of Douglas Fir Pine, fruit and sage and onion stuffing, all held together by a secret ingredient syrup, mixed in with their normal wheat-based diet. As Heston said ‘This is the first 3 Michelin starred goose food’. You can watch a clip of Heston on the farm on youtube here .

For Christmas 2011, Simon was invited to appear as a judge on the cookery show ‘Perfect Christmas’ for the Good Food channel. Simon, with Paul Kelly and his father, of Kelly’s Turkey’s, were invited to judge two different 3-course Christmas dinners and select their favourite version. Simon, the goose farmer, voted the goose as the best.  Mr & Mr Kelly, turkey farmers, voted for the turkey.  The show went out just before Christmas last year.

In 2008 he appeared on The Hairy Bikers but the director edited all his jokes and witticisms out of the final cut so he does not like to talk about it.

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