//Free Range Goose – Whole

Free Range Goose – Whole


Our finest free-range goose, ideal for the perfect Christmas. Your oven-ready goose comes with its own giblets and fat separately wrapped and a recipe card.

  • Free-Range
  • Whole
  • Giblets
  • Fat
  • Recipe Card
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Our finest free range goose is ideal for the perfect Christmas. Your oven-ready goose comes with its own giblets and fat separately wrapped (which are included in the weight of the bird) and a recipe card.
Goose giblets make the most wonderful gravy, soup or stock when boiled down, and even a fantastic Christmas treat for the dog.
Goose fat is incredibly versatile –  given its rich flavour and silky texture, you can make the ultimate roast potatoes. This unique fat can be used for so many other recipes.
Chips, omelettes, fried eggs, dumplings, pastry, fried onions, any roast dish or recipe that uses butter can be greatly improved by using goose fat.

Our geese are a breed called Legarth Geese. They produce a wonderful, full-flavour, high meat yield. Our particular geese are renowned for their flavoursome, moist meat that is rich and firm with a natural marbling of fat. They have won a ‘Great Taste Award’ and received Heston Blumenthal’s seal of approval in a blind taste test.

The geese are fed on a specialist goose crumb, before moving on to a wheat diet when they are older where they can graze on meadow grass and any fallen fruit from the trees around the farm. We have been rearing free-range goose for three generations. You can read the history of Great Clerkes Farm here.

See what the judges had to say about our free range goose when we won a Great Taste Award. It’s the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards. The award was presented by the Guild of Fine Food.

We have also been nominated as finalists in the Essex Life Fine Food & Drink Awards 2017. We were selected by a panel of expert judges in the “Field To The Fork” Category. The Essex Life Fine Food & Drink Awards are the most prestigious food and drink awards in the world and we look forward to sharing with you the best of the Essex food and drink industry!


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