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Here we aim to answer all of the most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find an answer to your question then please contact us for an answer.

Do You Offer A Guaranteed Xmas Delivery? 2017-10-06T19:49:20+00:00

We use a specialist delivery company who guarantee 100% success and they have never let us down. It is the same company which delivers for the likes of Nando’s, Starbucks, KFC & Domino’s so you can rest assured that your products are in the best hands!

How do I order? 2017-08-14T12:20:46+00:00

You can either order through our website and pay with your credit card through Paypal, which is a very secure 3rd party payment-processing site. Or you can make your order by post or phone and send us a cheque. We cannot take credit cards over the phone though. If you would like to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Great Clerkes Farm Foods and post to us at Great Clerkes Farm, Little Sampford, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 2QJ. To order on the phone please call either 07968 148896 or 07801 132334.

When will my order be delivered? 2017-10-04T00:31:25+00:00

Local deliveries throughout the year will be made every Thursday from around 9am onwards and we’ll call you when we’re on the way so you know when to expect us. You can leave special instructions in case you are out and we will be happy to leave your goods in the shed/with a neighbor etc. We can arrange alternate delivery days and times, so please call us on 07968148896 or email us at info@greatclerkesfarmfoods.co.uk to arrange this.

Christmas deliveries in 2017, our delivery date is Saturday 23rd December. Your delivery will be made between the hours of 8am and 8pm. If you require delivery on any other day please get in touch with Simon on 07968 148896 or Clare on 07801 132 334 or email info@greatclerkesfarmfoods.co.uk.

Can I request a time for delivery? 2017-08-14T12:21:38+00:00

We do not deliver our geese and chickens ourselves, deliveries are made through a 3rd party courier specialising in temperature-controlled deliveries, so we don’t know the exact delivery time but we can find out rough times on the day of delivery. Deliveries can arrive any time from 9am-9pm, so if you might be out, please leave alternate delivery instructions.

I might not be at home on the 23rd December. Can I leave instructions for my goose to be left somewhere? 2017-10-04T00:33:54+00:00

Please make a note as you checkout and tell us what you want done with your goose or chicken. If you’ve already ordered, just email us at info@greatclerkesfarmfoods.co.uk and telephone 07801 132 334. It’s better to leave instructions just in case, as if we have to re-deliver your goose the following day because you were not there and you did not leave instructions, you will have to pay a re-delivery charge.

I want to collect my goose or chicken – how do I get to Clerkes Farm? 2017-08-14T12:41:05+00:00

The farm is situated in a beautiful part of North Essex and is surrounded by lots of footpaths and cycle tracks.
We are located in Little Sampford, Essex, just 5 minutes outside of the historic town of Thaxted which has some lovely tea rooms and shops.

From Thaxted, follow the signs for the Bardfields.
You will drive out of Thaxted up a hill past the primary school and fire station.
At the fork at the top of the hill, turn left towards Little Sampford and Finchingfield.
Continue along this road for about 2.5 miles until you get to a black and white striped signpost on the left which says Great Clerkes and Flemings Farm.
Take this road down the hill and turn left at the fork. You will then reach the farm.

We are open from around 9am to 4pm.
Please call us on 07968 148896 to let us know when you would like to collect so that we can ensure there is someone there to meet you with your order.
We don’t have a farm shop at the farm just yet, but your items will be ready and waiting for you to collect.

When can I collect my order? 2017-10-04T12:20:41+00:00

Orders can be collected on Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd December between 8am-5pm.  We’ll also have on sale at the farm local produce such as honey, fruit and vegetables and a selection of our own homemade pies, pate and smoked meat so you can stock up for Christmas at the same time as collecting your goose!

What size goose should I order? 2017-08-14T12:29:07+00:00

This is an approximate guide to how many people each weight of goose feeds. Please note it will vary depending on the shape of the goose and your portion size and appetite!

4kg – 4-5 people

4.5kg – 4-6 people

5kg – 5-7 people

5.5kg – 6-9 people

6kg – 8-12 (sometimes more)


Feeds Kg Price £/kg
4 – 5 4 £40.60 £10.15
5 – 6 4.5 £45.68 £10.15
6 – 7 5 £50.75 £10.15
7 – 8 5.5 £55.83 £10.15
8 – 9 6 £60.90 £10.15
9 – 10 6.5 £65.98 £10.15

Why can I not order an exact size bird? 2017-08-14T12:29:29+00:00

The growing of free-range poultry is not an exact science with changes in temperature and weather affecting the overall size and finish of each bird from year to year. Coupled to the fact that the birds do not stop growing at an exact weight we are forced to sell the birds in a half Kg weight ranges that lay each side of the weight you have chosen.  A 4kg goose will weigh between 3.7kg and 4.25kg.  A 4.5kg goose will weigh between 4.26kg and 4.75kg.  A 5kg goose will weigh between 4.76kg and 5.25kg.  A 5.5kg goose will weigh between 5.26kg and 5.75kg.  A 6kg goose will weigh between 5.76kg and 6.25kg.  A 6.5kg goose will weigh between 6.26kg and 6.8kg.  However we will always try to ensure that your bird is as close as possible to the exact weight you have ordered.

What comes with my goose? 2017-08-14T12:30:03+00:00

All geese come with giblets (heart, liver, neck and gizzard) and a bag of fat from the goose, which you can use to make delicious roast potatoes. These items are included in the weight of your goose.

Goose giblets make the most wonderful gravy, soup or stock when boiled down, or even a fantastic treat for the dog.

Goose fat is incredeble versatile – with a rich flavour and silky texture is rightly famous for making the ultimate roast potatoes but this unique fat can be used for so many other recipies.

Chips, omelettes, fried eggs, dumplings, pastry, fried onions, any roast dish or recipe that uses butter can be greatly improved by using goose fat.

How will my goose come? 2017-08-14T12:30:53+00:00

All our birds are oven-ready and come with a bag of giblets and goose fat. If you’d like your goose to have the neck left on, or if you would prefer to gut the bird yourself, please let us know in your order details.

I’ve just received my goose and it smells? 2017-08-14T12:34:19+00:00

Our geese and chickens are free-range and have been hung for a short time. They will naturally have a “gamey” smell – this is entirely normal and in fact if you buy a goose or chicken that does not smell, you know it is not good quality meat. However, if your goose or chicken has a strong off or fishy smell, it could be going off and you should contact us. Please follow our instructions for storage to ensure that your goose stays in top condition. These can be found below and also on the leaflet that comes with your goose.

How should I store my goose before I eat it? 2017-08-14T12:32:41+00:00

Take your goose out of the box (this is very important as it will stop it from sweating) and store it in your fridge, below 3 degrees Celsius.

How do I cook my goose? 2017-08-14T12:32:28+00:00

Our geese come with their own cooking instructions/recipe card which gives a step by step guide to roasting your Christmas goose.

I’ve never eaten goose before – what kind of meat is it? 2017-08-14T12:33:15+00:00

Goose is a rich, dark meat, quite unlike chicken. Cooked properly, it is tender and juicy and absolutely delicious. Crispy goose skin is also wonderful and goose fat makes the best roast potatoes you’ll ever eat.

Why do you need my telephone number on the order form? 2017-08-14T12:33:30+00:00

We may need to contact you urgently about your delivery or order, for example if the courier cannot find your house. We will never pass your phone number on to anyone else and we will only ring you if necessary.